Designed to help farmers achieve the best piglet performance – right from the start

Piglait is your trusted partner in raising piglets that perform.

Piglait is our proven solution to help pig farmers achieve top performance from their piglets. Tailor-made for each individual farm, it combines nutritional solutions, a robust feeding system and key practical advice. This holistic approach enables piglets to begin life with optimal growth and development.
Early-life nutrition has been scientifically proven to influence metabolism later in life. Piglait focuses exclusively on the critical period from birth to weaning, which can be full of opportunities.

Piglait is a Nukamel brand. Founded in 1954, Nukamel was the first company in the world to introduce (and produce) the concept of milk replacers. We started with the production of milk replacers for white veal and have constantly been developing new and innovative nutritional solutions for all kind of young suckling animals, like piglets, and poultry.

In today’s world, farmers have to deal with major changes in climate, environmental regulation and consumer behaviour. Farming has become even more challenging than before. It’s a real art to rear a young animal sustainably and efficiently. At Nukamel, we are committed to ‘The art of growing young animals’. Our team helps to guide farmers with specific knowledge and expertise.

Big Litter Line

If your mayor aim is to increase the survival rate of piglets from hyperprolific sows

Piglets increase their birth weight more than fivefold in the first month of life. To grow that fast they need a lot of nutrients. In fact, more nutrients than at any other time in their life.

For farms with hyperprolific sows, providing sufficient energy to each individual piglet is critical. In large litters, increasing survival rate is key.

Robust Litter Line

If your aim is to prepare the piglets for smooth weaning

In fairly large litters, colostrum and sow milk will provide piglets with the majority of the nutrients they need. However, a high-quality additional transition milk is needed to prepare them for smooth weaning.

Piglait’s Robust Litter line includes a range of milks and follow-up milks that are specially designed to ‘train’ the gut of young piglets and increase the number of eaters before weaning, ensuring a smooth weaning process.

MFGM, the new dairy solution for growth

Piglait is surrounded by experts!

Behind the scenes, we have been investigating MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane), a complex and valuable milk component. MFGM is an excellent source of dairy fat and dairy bioactives with proven effects on infants and young animals, including piglets.

The effects include improved fat digestibility and metabolism, support of immune function and promotion of intestinal development.

Piglait is your trusted partner in raising piglets.

As every pig farm is unique, we believe in a tailor-made approach

Our Piglait Specialists are experienced in large-scale pig farming and have been working all over the world. Want to know more about our way of working?

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Piglait Specialists are there to support pig producers in overcoming challenges and reach their goals. Every pig producer is unique and benefits from tailored advice.