Piglait Green

Piglait Green is an ideal follow-up piglet milk replacer, to be used after Piglait Blue or from day 7-10 up to weaning. This product enables a smooth feed transition during the weaning process.

Piglait Green offers still high quality dairy (recognisable taste) with easily digestible energy sources, but in combination with, for piglets very important, well defined nutrients, such as pregelatinized starch and soy protein concentrate.

The goal is to prepare piglets’ digestive tract optimally for dry feed after weaning.

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Piglait BLUE

Piglait Blue is a piglet milk replacer designed to increase growth and robustness of piglets

Piglait ORANGE

Piglait Orange is a follow-up piglet milk replacer designed for a smooth transition to dry feed

Optimal result with our Automix System

Piglait offers two Automix Systems: a fully automatic and a semi-automatic system. Both supply liquid milk to piglets in specially designed drinking cups that don’t overflow.

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