Piglait Green

Piglait Green is an ideal follow-up piglet milk replacer, to be used after Piglait Blue or from day 7-10 up to weaning. This product enables a smooth feed transition during the weaning process.

In line with Piglait Blue, Piglait Green further stimulates dry matter intake apart from the sow’s milk. One of the main aims of Piglait Green is to reduce the number of non-eaters within the litter.

This way, litter uniformity is improved as both the heavy as well as the lighter piglets benefit from the supplemented milk replacer. The former’s gut is trained, while the latter’s average daily gain increases, keeping up with their fellow littermates.

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Piglait Blue

Piglait Blue is a piglet milk replacer designed to increase growth and robustness of piglets.

Piglait Orange

Piglait Orange is a follow-up piglet milk replacer designed for a smooth transition to dry feed.

Optimal results with Piglait’s automated Cup Systems

Piglait offers two Cup Systems: a fully automated and a semi-automated system. Both supply milk replacers to piglets in specially designed drinking cups.

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