Piglets need fresh milk around-the-clock in order to achieve healthy growth. Piglait’s automated Cup System enables your piglets to determine their own feed intake, making sure they can reach their genetic potential.

Next to that, the sow will benefit as well. By preventing excessive backfat loss in lactation, for example due to large litters at the udder or low/insufficient feed intake, the reproductive performance of the sow will be improved in the next round. Therefore, the Piglait Cup System can also prevent second litter syndrome.

And last but not least, feeding the piglets with the Piglait Cup System saves you valuable working time and reduces the chance of mistakes and spoilage of milk replacer. In short: the Piglait Cup System improves piglet performance and lowers rearing costs!

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The Piglait Cup Systems

Piglait offers two cup systems: a fully automated and a semi-automated system. Both supply milks and liquid prestarters to piglets in specially designed, unbreakable drinking cups that don’t overflow.

Advantages of Piglait’s fully automated Cup System

  • Fresh Piglait milk is available 24/7

    • Small portions are prepared on demand >> less spoilage
    • Always at the optimal temperature >> increases intake
    • No recirculation of milk from the cups into the distribution system >> milks stays longer fresh
  • Fully automated cleaning

  • Work smarter, not harder

    • Convenient, time saving way of feeding large litters
    • Reduced chance of mistakes in milk preparation
  • Improves animal performance

    • Enables piglets to reach their genetic potential
    • Supports the sow which improves reproductive performance in the next round
  • Lower rearing costs!

Piglait’s semi-automated Cup System

The semi-automated Cup System is ideal for smaller farms with up to 300 sows. The milk is prepared in a stainless steel tank in larger batches, what makes this model an easy-to-use system that can be smoothly implemented on farm at a lower investment cost.

Advantages of Piglait’s semi-automated Cup System

  • Fresh Piglait milk is available 24/7

      • Always prepared at optimal temperature
      • No recirculation of milk from the cups into the distribution system >> milks stays longer fresh
  • Stainless steel mixing tank >> easy to clean

  • Automated mixer

      • Mixes the milk/liquid prestarter every 20 minutes to prevent sedimentation in the tank
      • Independence with respect to time thanks to the semi-automated feeding system

The unique Cup

Highly visible and extremely robust cups, with a unique nipple system, ensure that the piglets always get fresh milk. No spillage, no contamination.

Advantages of the unique Cup

  • Bright Yellow
    – Bright colours have been scientifically proven to be attractive to piglets
    – Yellow provides a contrast with most slatted floors.

  • Solid Base
    – Durable solid base.
    – Easy to keep clean.
    – Hygienic.
  • Minimal spillage <5%
    – Non-overflow nipples
    – Improved deeper trough.
    – Special bottle neck design reduces contamination.
    – Shorter, stronger stem to avoid breakage and milk wastage

  • Easy to assemble or replace
    – Flexible in using different materials to connect the cups (SS, PP, PVC)

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