Every piglet farmer is unique in its objectives and challenges. That is why we made it easier for you to make the right choice. We offer two concept lines that can be tailored to your specific needs: the Big Litter line, which is formulated for survival through replacement of sow milk, and the Robust Litter line, which is formulated to prepare the piglet for weaning. By working together with you, we determine which line will suit your needs best.

Robust Litter Line

In fairly large litters, colostrum and sow milk will provide piglets with the majority of the nutrients they need. However, a high-quality additional transition milk is needed to prepare them for smooth weaning. After weaning, the supply of nutrients changes radically. Carbohydrates replace fat as the main energy source, combined with a shift from animal to vegetable protein.

Piglait’s Robust Litter line includes specific milks and liquid prestarters that are designed to ‘train’ the gut of young piglets and can be fed through cups. The digestive system must reach a certain level of maturation for the piglet to be able to digest carbohydrates and vegetable proteins. Normally, this level is only reached after weaning, but it can be attained before weaning with Piglait. The gut maturation is improved not only by digestion of the milks and liquid prestarters themselves, but also by increasing the feed intake per piglet as well as the number of eaters before weaning. This results not only in an improved weaning weight, but also in more homogenous litters at weaning. These and more results of the eaters/non-eaters trial will be published soon, so keep an eye out!

The Robust Litter line is advised for large litters farms, with early weaning systems, farms situated in warmer climates or big integrator units.

Benefits of the Robust Litter Line

  • Focus on robustness and weaning weight

    • Higher dry matter intake and increased growth
    • More eaters before weaning, which encourages feed intake after weaning
    • Reduced ‘weaning dip’
  • Maximum preparation of the digestive tract and immune system for smooth weaning

  • Improved health post-weaning

    • Reduced or no incidence of diarrhoea
    • Reduced need for post weaning antibiotics and zinc oxide
  • More homogeneous litters, less small piglets

The Robust litter line contains:

Piglait Blue

Piglait Blue is a piglet milk replacer designed to increase growth and robustness of piglets.

Piglait Green

Piglait Green is an ideal follow-up piglet milk replacer, to be used from day 7-10 up to weaning.

Piglait Orange

Piglait Orange is a follow-up piglet milk replacer designed for a smooth transition to dry feed.