Every pig farmer is unique in its objectives and challenges. That is why we made it easier for you to make the right choice. We offer two concept lines that can be tailored to your specific needs: the Big Litter line, which is designed to increase survival rate through replacement of sow milk, and the Robust Litter line, which is formulated to prepare the piglet for weaning. By working together with you, we determine which line will suit your needs best.

Big Litter Line

Piglets increase their birth weight more than fivefold in the first month of life. To grow that fast they need a lot of nutrients. In fact, more nutrients than at any other time in their life.

For farms with hyperprolific sows, providing sufficient energy to each individual piglet is critical. In large litters, increasing survival rate is key. Alongside this, if improving efficiency is an objective (e.g. by reducing cross-fostering) or in case of independent (motherless) rearing, it is essential to have a milk replacer that provides all the necessary nutrients and bioactives.

Aside from colostrum, piglets in big litters largely, if not entirely, rely on supplemented milk instead of sow milk to survive. The Big Litter line provides a 100% solution.

Not only the piglets benefit from supplementation with Big Litter milks. The pressure on a hyperprolific sow will be reduced, which in turn results in less backfat loss and improved reproductive performance in the next litter.

Benefits of the Big Litter Line

  • Increases survival rate of piglets

    • Top quality, nutritionally well-balanced milks that meet the requirements of newborn piglets
    • Supports independent rearing
  • Supports full use of genetic potential of both piglets and sow

    • Enables maximisation of litter weight by improved survival rate and weaning weight
    • Improved reproductive performance in next litter, due to reduced condition loss of sow (no second litter syndrome!)
  • Improve piglet vitality

    • Safe growth, no diarrhoea
    • Makes benefit out of natural dairy-based bioactives e.g. immunoglobulins and milk fat globular membranes (MFGM)
  • Reduces labour input

    • Eliminates need for foster sows with Piglait Big Litter advice and training

The Big litter line contains:

Piglait Yellow

Piglait Yellow is a piglet milk replacer designed to increase the survival rate of piglets in commercial farms.

Piglait Red

Piglait Red is an ideal follow-up piglet milk replacer to be used after Piglait Yellow, from 7-10 days up to weaning.